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Thesis Project (30 ECTS)

The Thesis Project (TP) is the culmination of the graduate studies and proof of the knowledge and skills acquired from the MSc program. The TP can be a bibliographic or empirical research study, or the development of an application / software which is based on a specific epistemological framework, makes use of ethical research methods and is supervised by the program instructor.


TPs in combination with students’ internship in companies, educational sectors, research centers, and industries are welcome to be developed if approved by the Coordinating Committee (CC) of the MSc.


TPs can also be implemented in collaboration with the IMT Network of companies. In this case, the topic of the TP would be proposed by the company, approved by the Coordinating Committee (CC), and be implemented in real job conditions, being an opportunity for the student to gain employment experience in the field.


All TPs are presented in public. The details of the drafting (template), delivery, presentation and evaluation of the TP are described in detail in the IMT LMS system.


The Master's Thesis is publicly supported before a three-member examination committee, appointed by the Coordinating Committee (CC) of the MSc and in which the supervisor and two (2) other instructors participate.