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Object & Purpose

The main aim of the MSc is to provide knowledge and skills across the full range of cutting-edge technologies in the field of:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality

Indicative research fields of application of the MSc program are education, vocational training / education and game design.

In particular, the Objectives of the Graduate Program (MSc) are:

• The development and improvement of individual and work skills on matters that the program deals with.

• The preparation and training of specialized scientists as well as the promotion of their work internationally by advancing science and research in cognition fields that the program deals with.

• Cooperation with Industries, Businesses, Educational Organizations and Research Centers for the acceptance, use and dissemination of the most advanced information / computer systems and practices.

• Cooperation with Institutional State Structures (e.g. Ministries, Services, Local Authorities, etc) and other Greek, European, and International Scientific Organizations, Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers dealing with issues that the MSc addresses.

• Preparing for postgraduate doctoral studies in the country or abroad.