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New Metaverse IMT VR space

As part of the innovative xR technologies that the MSc offers , we  are proudly announcing the release of the

Metaverse IMT Virtual Reality Space

a revolutionary area that allows IMT Students to interact and engage with external media in a completely Immersive Environment.

The IMT VR ecosystem consists of a three-floor virtual world with eight indoor spaces providing a variety of academic services while additionally offering opportunities for socializing and recreation activities.

From Lecture and Micro-teaching spaces to Libraries and Open spaces where you can offer courses to many students at a time, refine your educational skills or consult scientific literature and enjoy some physical activities, you can be sure all the needs of students and professors are met in IMT’s spaces.

You are welcomed to enter the Reception Space where you can explore the exhibition of the IMT Alumni work so far, including their assignment projects and Thesis Topics and presentations. The teleport points and bots next to them will invite and help you further explore eight spaces built to support your academic studies.

IMT VR Reception Space

If  you're looking to share and pool ideas with other people, receive instructions for a project, make decisions, or collaborate at work or on assignments work using interactive tools, feel free to join the IMT VR Collaborative Space.


IMT VR Collaborative Space

Instead of  studying at a distance, you may take a seat at the VR Amphitheater or Library  and enjoy the feeling of co-presence with your learning community while attending a formal academic lecture by the IMT highly-esteemed instructors and guest keynotes, or reading valuable resources.


IMT VR Lecture Space




IMT VR Library Space

Need some relaxation time during your studies? Visit the IMT Open space where you can meet your Classmates and walk around the park, or even play some action games such as basketball or darts.  

IMT VR Open Space


Worried you might lose yourself or feel overwhelmed by these spaces? Then make sure to consult the IMT Secretary’s space for guidance or the Professors’ and Students’ Consultant room for any Academic issues you might have.

IMT Secretary VR Space

Our staff and personnel at IMT will be there to help you sort out any academic issue you might have